Liberation and Empowerment: Attaining Dignity and Rights for Sex Workers and their Children in Bangladesh (LEADR)”

The    situation of Sex Worker (SW) is not analyzed nor form part of the interest of the duty bearers in Bangladeshi soceity. They are completely neglected from society and the rest of the population. They even are physically separated from the rest of the community creating slums because they are not allowed to have property or to be buried in public cemeteries. Together with the situation of exclusion,sex workers suffer constantly abuses by different actors, including police. They suffer from physical violence, traffic or denial of basic rights such as education or health. In such a situation their sons and daughters don’t escape who experience the consequences of the hostile environment. Most ends up as victims of abuse and trafficking, closing the vicious cycle of prostitution in

Liberation and Empowerment: Attaining Dignity and Rights for sex workers and their children in Bangladesh (LEADR) was supported by AECID ( Spanish Embassy) aims at promoting human rights and dignity of the Sex Workers and their children through awareness and the ability to claim access to the brothels of Faridpur, Daulatdia of Rajbari and Kandapotti brothel in Tangail, Bangladesh.