Promoting Rights of the Extreme Socially Excluded People (PRESEP)

Promoting the rights of the extreme socially excluded people (PRESEP) is supported by Manusher Janno Foundation through HASAB. The project aims are to improve the quality of institutions of governance to meet human rights obligations through demand creation (voices of the marginalized community especially hotel, street and residence based female sex workers) and sensitizing the supply system (through interaction with them to provide enabling environment for human rights realization by promoting people’s participation).Organized voices (through  Self-Help groups) of the marginalized communities and their strategic alliance partners will contribute to influencing policy reforms and realizing rights of the poor, marginalized and discriminated. The project aims to support them to advocate for equal rights and access to resources and opportunities (by raising their voices through their self-help groups and also through strategic alliance with others in the society for creating enabling environment for such).

The project strategy is cover promotion of participation, inclusiveness (through self help groups), promoting civil society  initiatives through forming strategic alliance for enabling environment),providing human rights education including the rights of women and children and addressing issues and concerns related to all sorts of violence and oppression especially against women and children ( to the marginalized groups self-help groups and others in the society through the strategic alliance),access to justice of marginalized people (through advocacy and strategic alliance ),ensuring access to resources, services and enjoyment of the rights of the socially excluded ( through demand creation by themselves and sensitizing others for providing so), creating and advancing social and political space to fulfill aspirations and rights of the marginalized (by raising voices through self help groups and supported others of the society by forming alliance ),ensure active formation and participation of the organizations of the marginalized and building their capacity to raise their voices for collective bargaining, lobbing for proper implementation of exiting polices, regulations and laws to support marginalized groups, instead of harassing them and advocating for adopting new policies, laws and regulation in order to protect the rights of the marginalized groups.