Shapla Kuri Child Development Centre(SKCDC)

SMS has been running an children home named”Shapla Kuri Child Development Centre(SKCDC) for 30 children at Faridpur, Bangladesh. In Faridpur there are two brothels and more than 700 sex workers are living. We have a survey and found there 268 children living under aged 2- 12 inside brothels. These 30 children are admitted to Government Primary School and they are performing best result in the classes ( I – X) grades. The children formed a Cultural Group called “Shapla Little Theatre” and performing drama in various places. They participated in an “International Child Festival held in Cuttuck, Orrisa last January, 2007 in India. The children participated drawing competition and awarded. 12 children received technical knowledge on various trades. Executive Director of SMS donated a piece of land (48 decimal) where Action Aid Bangladesh and Spanish Government (AECID) is aiming to build a  building on  8000 s/ft ( 5500 s/ft have been completed ) where 48 children accommodation is completed. SMS is planning to build a home for 100 children by the year 2014. SMS also developed a Children Home Policy/Guidelines that is first document in Bangladesh. SMS found if the children get proper care and support they might explore their talents. Rest of the children are staying with their mother inside brothels and has been growning up in brothel culture and untouched for mainstreaming.Some statements from the children  of Children Home.

“ I will bring  back my mother from brothel when I will be established in society and live together” – said Badsha Gazi- a ten years boy who stood first in all classes.

“ I will not change my mother’s profession now but when I will be established I will take care of my mother rest of the life having education from Children Home of SMS because I love my mother in heart and soul” – said Smarity Akter , a fourteen years girl, read in class nine.

“When I think about my future life I become frustrated- who will marry me. Would I  be accepted with my husband’s family. May be I will not be accepted that is why I want to suicide” – said Rita Akter, a 15 years girl lives in Children Home whose mother had died because of delivery and nobody in the world  remain to take care of  her.

Children need a long term support at least 18 years of age to take their future decision and well being. It is needed to find out a  full/partial support individuals/ national and international partners to lit the rays of light in life.